TDI Engine

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TSI Engine

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TFSI Engine

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20vT Engine

Every More BHP ECU remap or chip upgrade will deliver:

  • Increased power and torque
  • Improved throttle response
  • Smoother power delivery, removing flat-spots where possible
  • Improved MPG during normal driving helping to reduce fuel bills and your carbon foot-print

More BHP has ECU remap and chip tuning software upgrades for many modern petrol engines (turbo and non-turbo) and turbo-diesels.

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ECU remapping your car engine gives dramatic improvements in performance and economy. Using the latest technology we can remap the software in the ECU.

The increased BHP and torque and the way we engineer the remap will give a more satisfying delivery not only of engine performance but also with crisper acceleration and smoother more consistent performance.

The fantastic gains in torque will make acceleration a pleasure and used wisely will give better MPG, with turbo applications the benefit can be huge; we’ve seen savings of up to 18% on fuel.

DPF Removal, EGR & Adblue Disable

The DPF hardware can be removed by emptying the contents of the DPF box or fitting a replacement pipe. Once done we can re-program the ECU on the bench to remove the DPF functions. The DPF regeneration problem is associated with all late diesels including BMW, Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda and many more.

DPF removal and ECU remapping is available for Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW, BMW. DPF removal is useful for taxi, rental and commercials as it removes regeneration downtime, makes for better performance and improves fuel economy.